Welcome to the Old Mission group of companies - Old Mission Investment Company and Old Mission Trust Company. Our sole mission was to create something unique - a wealth management atmosphere that stands the test of time and provides clients and their families with conflict-free objectivity. Whether you are a young investor that needs some help, a couple looking to properly fund their retirement, or a grandparent looking to consolidate their assets into a wealth plan or trust, we can certainly help. We provide you with experienced professionals that are genuinely interested in working with you and your family, and not just your money.

As both a trust company and an investment firm, we provide the expertise needed to ensure that your wealth continues to fulfill your vision.

It’s no longer just about investment management. You want to know that your professionals have a practical working knowledge of matters involving tax, investment, wealth management and trust management.

The world is increasingly more complex. Your planning doesn’t have to be, but you should know that your wealth management organization can provide all the services necessary to ensure that your wealth transfers to the next generation easily and efficiently.

Your plan is our plan. We have had a working knowledge of our clients and their families for many years. This makes it easy for us to work with you as your investment advisor, and when the time is right, work with you and your family as a trustee. We view our relationship as seamless and regard many of our clients and their children as friends.

We all require a credible and knowledgeable organization to manage our financial assets, administer, manage and distribute estates and trusts with an eye toward consistency. Many of the clients of our firm have maintained relationships with us for 10, 20 and even 30 years. We manage portfolios for grandparents, parents, and their children and felt strongly that providing a trust solution was a necessary ‘value add’ to our existing relationships. Providing great service is about renewing relationships with a traditional service that people truly want to have for their family.