"Equifax Breach - Old Mission Commentary" - Old Mission would like to provide clients with our comments concerning the information breach at Equifax. Depending on your level of concern, this information will give you a prudent course of action in light of all available options.


"Annual Letter to our Clients - 2015" - We are pleased to provide a copy of our annual letter to our clients for 2014.


"Plan Benchmarking and Analysis" - For plans trying to meet their fiduciary responsibility under ERISA, we are happy to provide a detailed benchmarking study known as a B3 Provider Analysis. Our reporting structure assists plan providers with completing this necessary review.


"Fiduciary Fitness" - We provide commentary concerning how our firm helps your plan establish, maintain and document your process of prudent plan governance.


"Why 3(21) and 3(38) Plan Fiduciaries are Different" - Fiduciaries provide services in different capacities. Both discretionary and non-discretionary investment advisory services can be designed to meet the unique needs of your 401(k) plan.


"Old Mission joins Retirement Plan Advisory Group (RPAG)" - Old Mission Investment Company is pleased to announce an association with the Retirement Plan Advisory Group (RPAG) the nation's largest independent practice management firm. This new association provides Old Mission with additional tools and services for plan sponsor clients.


"Annual Letter to our Clients - 2014" - We are pleased to provide a copy of our annual letter to our clients for 2014.


"Annual Letter to Clients - 2012/2013" - Annual letter to Old Mission Investment and Trust Company Clients


"Annual Letter to our Clients - 2010/2011" - 2010 was a 'normal' year by many standards. We were pleased with the performance of all asset classes and are providing our clients with this short update as a reflection of the actions and events in 2010. This letter serves as the annual update to our clients.


"Annual Letter to our Clients - 2009/2010" - As they say, 'the past is prologue', meaning that history repeats itself and has a tremendous amount of influence on the present. 2009 presented a unique set of challenges for investors with markets moving from the lowest levels in a decade, to a potentially new bull market. This letter serves as our annual update to our clients.


"Tax Document Mailings" - Tax documents will soon be hitting your mailbox. Fidelity, along with other institutions, are trying to get all information finalized prior to mailing any documents. This may lead to a delay in receiving all the information needed in order to complete your tax return. As always, please contact our office with any questions you may have.


"The Great Recession and 80 Years Prior" - Today marks the end of the Great Recession of 2008/2009 with GDP growth of 3.5% for the past quarter. It's very fitting as today also marks the 80th anniversary of the crash of 1929. It wasn't that long ago, that many people were saying that we were headed to the Great Depression, part II.


"Celebrating 3 years." - May 26th marks 3 years as an independent investment advisory firm. We are proud of what we've created, and have many more years of exciting developments to come. Three candles on the cake for us.


"A matter of time and perspective" - New updates were added to the video section including two new pieces from George Washington's look-a-like, Mr. Louis Rukeyser. Parts I and II include past commentary concerning everything from recessions, oil embargos, crashes and the like. It's worth a little of your time.


"2009 Required Minimum Distribution FAQ" - Fidelity publishes a short Q and A letter on the changes in Required Minimum Distribution rules for 2009.


"Spotting the Ponzi Scheme" - With the news of Madoff Investment bilking investors out of millions, what are the warning signs that you are being potentially scammed? Click to view the Wall Street Journal link.


"Required Minimum Distributions suspended for 2009" - The IRS rule that requires IRA and retirement plan participants to take mandatory withdrawals will be temporarily suspended for 2009. This legislation has passed in both the house and Senate, and is to be signed by the President shortly. Additional details will follow.


"What to do with your old IRS documents?" - Here is the link to the official IRS webpage concerning how to maintain your IRS documents. Do you need to keep everything? Or, can you destroy some documents? Click, and take a look for yourself.


"Letter to Old Mission Clients" - Market commentary letter to Old Mission Clients.


"Fidelity Letter to Customers" - Fidelity provides a short letter to customers, and clients.


"Fidelity addresses their participation in Treasury Program for Money Markets" - Fidelity participates in the US Treasury Money Market Guarantee Program. Comments and letter from Fidelity are attached.


"Fidelity Q and A concerning Money Market Funds" - Fidelity Investments provides answers to many common questions concerning their money market funds during this time period.