"Fiduciary Briefcase - Instructional Video for Old Mission Retirement Plan Clients" - The Retirement Plan Advisory Group instructional video concerning instructions on how to best use the Fiduciary Briefcase have been posted.


"Reaching for Yield" - Morningstar provides manager commentary concerning the risk associated with 'reaching for yield.' With fixed income investors faced with record-low returns, there is a tendency to seek investments with a higher yield. Risk should be considered when looking at any fixed income investment.


"Morningstar discusses Tax Compromise" - Morningstar provides commentary concerning the recent tax compromise and economic stimulation bill that was recently passed by Congress and signed into law by President Obama. Income tax rates, estate tax and capital gain tax rates are all discussed.


"'Toxie' the toxic asset experiment from NPR" - National Public Radio thought it would be a good idea to purchase a 'toxic' asset of their own for experimental reasons. They report, through this cartoon, their findings on their 'pet' toxic asset, 'Toxie'. NOTE: click on the middle of the player to play.


"Changes in the tax code assuming no Congressional action by year end." - The Wall Street Journal comments on the state of the tax system assuming that the changes enacted under George Bush expire December 31, 2010.


"Buy and Hold." - Time can give you perspective. The Davis Funds, from video commentary in 2009, gives us the benefit of hearing the advice after the recovery has taken place. In the middle of any crisis, It's tough to act on prudent advice when the sky is falling and the world supposedly is collapsing. His comments at the end are a great summation of why investors need to remain patient.


"Jobs created... for a change." - The jobs report released April 2nd finally showed positive job creation. What are some of the details of the report and have we turned an important corner? Take a few minutes and listen to Morningstar discuss this positive economic change.


"A trip down memory lane for Michiganders." - Michigan is a great state. Thanks to a client that located this video, you get a chance to relive what Michigan was like in the late 40's through this promotional travel video made featuring Michigan's splendor. We recognize that this isn't investment related, but sometimes it just feels good to relive a better time in Michigan's history.


"2010 and the Roth IRA" - 2010 is a unique year for IRA owners. We've been suggesting that IRA investors might consider converting their regular IRA balances to a Roth IRA in 2010. Morningstar provides their take on this powerful financial planning tool.


"Warren Buffett Commentary - One Year Later" - Comments from Warren Buffett marking the one-year anniversary of the height of the financial crisis. How does he see things falling into shape? Does he expect a 'double dip' recession, or is he actually seeing and expecting signs of growth in the near future? Watch and find out.


"A Sliver Lining for the Social Security System" - 2016 is a year that is hotly debated at the moment. Many politicians are saying that beginning in 2016, the Social Security system will begin to distribute more benefits than the tax revenues received. With more taxpayers contemplating working longer, and retiring later, the Social Security system may have been rescued without many people even knowing it. Barron's provides commentary.


"Predictably Irrational" - The power of illusion. Dan Ariely author of the book 'Predictably Irrational' gives us some insight as to the illusions that make rational decisions difficult. Even though we know we are wrong, it's tough to break old habits. This is a proper lead into what is known as 'behavioral economics'. Sometimes going against your instinct is impossible.


"Bernanke 60 Minutes Interview Part I" - Part I of the interview with Ben Bernanke, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve. This is the first interview, in two parts, given by the Chairman since he was appointed to the job in 2006.


"Bernanke 60 Minutes Interview Part II" - Part II of the interview with Ben Bernanke, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve. This is the first interview, in two parts, given by the Chairman since he was appointed to the job in 2006.


"Restoring Order" - Rep. Mark Kirk of Illinois is introducing a bill modifying the controversial 'Mark to Market' valuation mechanism and restoring the 'uptick rule' in efforts to restore order in our financial markets. Marking assets to a valuation unproven through illiquid markets has haunted the balance sheets of many banks and thankfully someone is doing something about it.


"Rukeyser, Part II" - Louis Rukeyser of Wall Street Week goes back in time to review commentary from the 70's, 80's and 90's with his most influential guests of the past few decades. The more things change, the more they actually stay the same. The ties look different, but the perspectives of crashes, recessions and the like remain the same.


"Rukeyser, Part I" - The advice of the past, seems consistent with the present. This is a throwback to the past, going back to 1982, and 1995. Louis Rukeyser interviews Peter Lynch and Phillip Carret concerning their views on investing and the long-term. Who says 98 year-old investors don't buy green bananas?


"Is Diversification Broken?" - 2008 proved to be difficult for all asset classes - both stocks and bonds. Is diversification no longer an acceptable method to protect against large market declines? Pimco subadvisor Robert Arnott, through Morningstar, provides his comments and assessments of what we should learn from 2008. It's worth a listen.


"Early Tax Mistakes" - The Wall Street Journal provides commentary on tax mistakes for the early filer. Commentator Tom Herman makes a few observations concerning tax preparation mistakes common to 2008 returns. You might find a 'second chance' at a stimulus check.


"Dodge and Cox discusses the bond market" - Dodge and Cox discusses the current market for fixed income securities and their near-term outlook for the corporate bond market. With government bonds trading at record highs, and yields at record lows, they discuss the opportunities that exist for conservative investors.


"Warren Buffett on Charlie Rose" - Charlie Rose speaks with Warren Buffett in October during the market pullback in 2008. He sheds some light on the crisis, his thoughts concerning the economy, and shares some ideas on other topics relating to his investment portfolio. This is a small portion of the original program.