The Old Mission Investment and Trust Companies have brought together a diverse group of professionals with backgrounds in tax, strategic investment management, trusts and estates, and total wealth management. Our professionals are fluent in both time-honored investment management and wealth transfer strategies and actively participate as your partner in achieving your personal financial goals. We work closely with your other tax and legal professionals and serve as the center of your multidisciplinary team of wealth management professionals.

Pamela Galla
Client Service Specialist

Pamela Galla is a Client Service Specialist with Old Mission Investment and Trust. She joined Old Mission in 2017 following her employment with a local law firm in Traverse City, Michigan, as a legal assistant.

Her legal administrative background is substantial, spending almost 24 years as an administrative legal assistant working with matters involving estate, trust and probate documentation, and the various accountings that are required. Coming from a legal administrative background, Pam is responsible for preparing advisory documents, organization of trust-related documentation, preparation and organization of client files, and the general support of Old Mission Investment and Trust along with the advisors and staff. Pam is also a veteran, spending 4 years in the United States Air Force, serving as a jet engine mechanic.

Pam provides clients of Old Mission Investment and Trust with client service and branch support functions in Traverse City. Pam also provides specialized client services to clients of Old Mission Investment and Trust that include account administration, distribution processing, contributions, and retirement account administration.