The Old Mission Investment and Trust Companies have brought together a diverse group of professionals with backgrounds in tax, strategic investment management, trusts and estates, and total wealth management. Our professionals are fluent in both time-honored investment management and wealth transfer strategies and actively participate as your partner in achieving your personal financial goals. We work closely with your other tax and legal professionals and serve as the center of your multidisciplinary team of wealth management professionals.

Jeffrey A. Johnson
Chief Compliance Officer

Jeffrey A. Johnson is a Principal and Co-Founder of Old Mission Investment Company and Old Mission Trust Company. Jeff earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in economics and finance in 1989. He subsequently started with Prudential Securities as a Financial Advisor, then becoming Branch Manager of the Traverse City Wachovia officer through a firm merger with Wachovia Securities in 2004.

Jeff also serves as the Chief Compliance Officer at Old Mission Investment Company and Old Mission Trust. Jeff is responsible for overseeing and managing our firm's regulatory environment. He ensures that Old Mission Investment Company and Old Mission Trust is complying with internal policies and procedures, the rules and regulations contained within the Investment Advisors Act of 1940 and South Dakota banking laws and regulations as they relate to the operation of Old Mission Trust. Jeff is also a private pilot, commenting that he's been flying longer than he has been driving. Jeff and his family have lived in the Traverse City area since 1990.