Comprehensive, complete, stable and continual. Our services are customized to be personal to you and the needs of your family. You should feel secure knowing that your investment and trust assets will be managed prudently by professionals who put your interests first.

Old Mission Investment Company is a fee-only investment management firm. This type of investment management agreement allows the client to compensate our firm based on an advisory fee rather than a brokerage commission. Old Mission Investment Company provides flexible investment management services allowing for the purchase of stocks, bonds and mutual funds without commissions, sales charges or mutual fund loads.

As a fee-only investment advisor, we are paid a percentage of the assets we manage. This allows us to provide our clients with product-neutral recommendations across all facets of the investment management relationship. We have access to the entire universe of mutual funds, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), and separate account managers. Having this type of flexibility provides us with the ability to pick the 'best of breed' regardless of the type of fund or investment we are using on behalf of our client.

We have no proprietary investment products of our own and strongly believe that proprietary products may generate a potential conflict of interest. Investment planning can be a one-way street when the end of the road is a pre-packaged proprietary product disguised as an 'objective' recommendation. As a fiduciary, every recommendation we make is solely for your benefit, not ours.