Comprehensive, complete, stable and continual. Our services are customized to be personal to you and the needs of your family. You should feel secure knowing that your investment and trust assets will be managed prudently by professionals who put your interests first.

A well designed and efficient retirement plan is important to attracting and retaining good employees. Our goal is to help your organization provide a top-quality benefit while effectively managing the risks and challenges that come with sponsoring a 401(k) plan. We are dedicated to assisting our clients in fulfilling their fiduciary duties under ERISA, by offering a wide range of services, tools and processes to help them manage their 401(k) plans.

The cornerstones of our service include:

  • Serving alongside our clients as a fiduciary to their plan through either an ERISA §3(21) or §3(38) advisory agreement. 3(21) vs. 3(38)

  • Effective plan design strategies that meet your business objectives while providing employees the best opportunity to meet their retirement goals.

  • Investment selection, monitoring and performance reporting delivered though through a systematic, quantitative and qualitative investment analysis process.

  • Assisting clients in establishing, maintaining and documenting a process of prudent plan governance. Fiduciary Fitness Program

  • A robust 401(k) provider search and review process combined with ongoing fee/ service benchmarking for documented due diligence. B3 Provider Analysis

  • Engaging employees through group and individual consultations to help them understand and maximize the opportunities available through their 401(k) plan.

Our goal to utilize our expertise and resources to help our clients establish, administer and maintain a best-in-class retirement benefit for their employees.