Welcome to the Old Mission group of companies - Old Mission Investment Company and Old Mission Trust Company. Our sole mission was to create something unique - a wealth management atmosphere that stands the test of time and provides clients and their families with conflict-free objectivity. Whether you are a young investor that needs some help, a couple looking to properly fund their retirement, or a grandparent looking to consolidate their assets into a wealth plan or trust, we can certainly help. We provide you with experienced professionals that are genuinely interested in working with you and your family, and not just your money.

As both a trust company and an investment firm, we provide the expertise needed to ensure that your wealth continues to fulfill your vision.

We believe in collaboration, not competition.

Old Mission offers something different. At the time our firm was created, we adopted a process of collaboration, not competition. At many firms, we've found that you can have twenty advisors working in the same office. However, every one of the advisors is working against the other. They compete for the same client, don't want to share thoughts on what works best, and have little vested interest in sharing the ideas and recommendations they may be using, since it would place them at a competitive disadvantage relative to their peers. Does that make any sense? Aren't large firms advising you that they are working in your best interest collectively, when this is not the case?

Old Mission professionals share ideas and thoughts with one another concerning our clients, their situations, and the recommendations we make. We ‘team manage’ the portfolios we recommend and the relationships we maintain. It's a true collaboration among professionals that we have formed, and it's a relatively new concept to our industry.

Our firm is committed to becoming your partner in the wealth management process and look forward to spending the time with you and your family to ensure that your wealth is handled properly.